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Seeking quality, affordable, classic, Catholic, liberal arts college education

When we first began homeschooling, the idea of homeschool high school was daunting and we dismissed it. But after homeschooling over the years, we've discovered the wonders and gifts of homeschooling and realized the arguments against homeschool high school were just as erroneous as the arguments against homeschool for any age.

Is homeschool college as doable as high school?

One way to find out, right?

As our eldest daughter contemplated her academic path after high school, she felt daunted by the challenge of finding a place she wanted to go, with the quality of Catholic education she wanted at a price she knew we could afford. About a year ago she asked the inspired question, “What about homeschool college?”

Since then, she has been researching classic liberal arts curricula as well as the development of higher Catholic education since the founding of the Church. What she has found is Catholic approach to higher education through the centuries is very conducive to homeschool.

What about a degree?

This was a common concern for homeschool high school as well and it turned out to be a non-issue, as colleges and universities came to recognize the quality of homeschooling and accommodate the unique situations it provides.

Similarly, we would create educational materials on our websites to educate prospective employers on the qualities they can expect from homeschool college graduates and how to recognize these qualities.

Will this take more work and ownership on the part of students? Absolutely. But would you really want to work somewhere that doesn’t have the ability to assess your unique offerings? We believe the fruit of homeschooling will shine so brightly a degree is superfluous. Plus, as things stand now, a degree from many universities isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, let alone the tuition paid to “earn” it.

Students wanting a vocational degree (nursing, graphic arts, mechanics, etc) combined with a classic liberal arts education can combine homeschool college with their local two year degree.

Nationwide cohort sharing the journey

What if a class of Catholic homeschool college students worked together on creating their curricula, personalizing it for themselves off the backbone of a classic education, and then shared the journey of spiritual formation and college experience?

That is exactly the plan our daughter has. Via regular video conferencing and annual mutually agreed upon meeting place with a multi-day outdoor adventure (backpacking, bikepacking, etc) followed by a corporal work of mercy ministry mission in the same vicinity, ten to twelve college students would have a stunning, unique, and powerful quality, affordable, classic, Catholic, liberal arts college education!


Launch of the first cohort is Feast of the Assumption, 2017.


The first cohort will be free all four years, including spiritual formation in the spirituality of Our Holy Conception. Costs incurred will be those required for whatever materials and books a student chooses, computer or tablet, internet services, and annual travel/ministry expenses as mutually agreed by the cohort.


There will be an application process to be selected to join the cohort. This process is yet to be determined.

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