Our Holy Conception strives to help married couples live marriage as their path to holiness. Toward this end we seek to become a Catholic society of married, religious, and single faithful who serve Christ in the many and various poverties unaddressed in our society, living out a focus that Marriage is a path to holiness and family and economic life are both opportunities to express God’s revelation to all peoples.

I am a Roman Catholic deacon serving in the Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado. My family and I live on the slope of Pikes Peak. Married in 1990 after our freshman year in college, my wife and I have long felt the call to create community and help other married couples run to Christ with marriage as their path to holiness.

Our Holy Conception is a ministry of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.


Nurture and protect marriage, parenting, and homeschooling while reaching out to families facing chronic health issues to help them do the same.

Dedicated to the Holy Family

We are dedicated to the Holy Family and through Jesus our Christ, Holy Mama Mary his mother, and Holy Papa Joseph his adoptive father we seek the sacred, the immaculate, the humble.

Deacon Patrick Jones

I look forward to hearing from you!