Our Holy Conception

Marriage as your path to holiness

Deacon Patrick

Words like “common good,” “social justice,” “freedom,” and “human dignity” get tossed about in today’s society, but they mean something much more profound and challenging when we look at their deeper Catholic meaning.

In this rapid fire video you’ll discover:

Lord Jesus my Christ, grant me the grace of humble obedience to you, that I may love and serve my Bride as you love and serve our Church, your Bride. Amen.

Marriage is one woman and one man joined by God for life.

Are you struggling in your marriage? Wondering how in the world one man and one woman can be with each other for life? Perhaps you are struggling for the simple reason that you aren’t aiming high enough. Do you hunger for something greater in your marriage? Then strive to live up to your marriage! Prayer for Humble obedience to God.

Let’s take it step by step on what it means to be in a Catholic Sacramental Marriage.

Discipline frees us so we have more time and energy to not only do what we’re avoiding, but so much more besides. Discipline requires humility and humility leads to discipline. If discipline causes burden, we’re doing it wrong.

Never entertain sin or thoughts of sin! Upon the first whiff of sin immediately draw the sword and pray:

forgive me for being foolish! Help me see how ridiculous _____ (name the temptation) is!

Strife happens in marriage for one reason: sin. Sin happens for one reason: fear that the serpent was right.

You, alone, can’t save your marriage. Even if both of you fight tooth, claw, and nail to save your marriage, the two of you alone can not save your marriage.

Adeline froze. She gaped wide-eyed at the table cloth, her normally demure smile startled off her face, her jaw slightly dropped revealing perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth. Her usually sweet, sparkling eyes froze wide in wondrous horror, their grey hazel details attempting to also convey puzzlement. She was, in her entirety, frozen mid-step.

When we first began homeschooling, the idea of homeschool high school was daunting and we dismissed it. But after homeschooling over the years, we've discovered the wonders and gifts of homeschooling and realized the arguments against homeschool high school were just as erroneous as the arguments against homeschool for any age.

One way to find out, right?

We have one job at every given moment: Love Jesus our Christ with the same wild abandon He loves us. #Simple#Catholic#love

— Deacon Patrick (@DcnPatrick) May 11, 2016
I woke completely disoriented, my cheek and nose planted firmly in the sand. Waves crashed upon the sandy shore, gently highlighted by dawn's first light. That's befuddling. I live nowhere near the beach and even further from any ocean. How had I gotten here?

Lord, give me a pencil and paper that I may joyously point to your infinite wonder with flawed words, weep at this pilgrims’ journey of sorrows, and harken to hope that you travel these travails and triumphs beside us and await us with open arms over the horizon! Amen.